Thursday, July 1, 2010

yin d than hap

Sa bai d. Yin d than hap (welcome!) to Pim's blog.

Pim finally decided that after a year of hiding in the banana groves she might peak out from behind the bamboo and write something. Write about what living in Laos is like from the perspective of someone who has.. well, a perspective. Who knows if anyone will read. But in the word's of Picasso "Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction". Irony. Opps. Maybe I just gave away that Pim bo men kon Lao. (Pim is not Lao). She can however mostly navigate through the muddy waters of not the Mekong.. or even her own dirt road at times.. but the Lao language she is 50/50 with. ha sip ha sip.

Pim read over on Lao Bumpkin's blog "I like the transliteration from Laotian, there is no standard way, I’m free to misspell to my hearts content. Often I spell things differently within the same sentence, like Pongsaly, Phongsali, and Pongxali." Pim takes the same approach. Pasa karaoke or pasa teenager (ie: transliteration) in Lao can be quite madding. Pim isn't into being mad.

More random facts about Pim. (Let's get silly details out of the way)

Pim is a girl. In her home country, Pim was Kon Ban Nok (country kid). Pim is happy for this upbringing because it has let her adopt Laos more readily. Nop tu Paw Meh.
Pim works in Vientiane, so chances for reading great travel stories from the far flung corners of Laos..well, Pim can't promise too many exciting reads there. (Although she does have a soft spot for the north.. more north than LPB)
Pim doesn't have a good camera anymore. That's another story. But she will work with what she has. If she can find the charging cord for it. Pim is 34 next week. Pim is a little sad about this and a few other things, but will type through it. It's what Pim does. : )


  1. Yes, someone will read it.

  2. Sabai dee! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog.

    I look forward to following your blog here.


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