Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer in Vientiane

Summer in Vientiane means a lot of the expats go home for the summer. The ones married with kids enrolled at schools like VIS and etc. Back to Korea or one of the assorted places all expats hail from. Which means Pim has lost some of her students for a few months. Now, most people would say "ahhhhhh...vacation..... bring me my Mojito."

However, Pim does have to pay the rent. ^ ^

So, today Pim popped onto and placed herself an ad. Que sera sera.. Well, OK, not quite whatever will be will be. Pim is much more stubborn than that.

Live in Vientiane and need an English tutor? Pim knows a girl. ; )

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  1. Very interesting. What is the teaching situation like in Vientiane these days?


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