Thursday, July 8, 2010

Be safe friend...

One of Pim's friends headed back home to UdomXai today. He will help his parents work in their fields for the summer. "Cut the grass." That is one long ride on the ole lod meh (bus). Pim has done it before. She's not too keen to do it again either. (Who uses the word keen anymore? Where did that just come from?) Someday Pim hopes to go back to UX..maybe help "cut the grass" but lately a trip to Sam Nuea has been calling Pim.

Well, as for the photo ..the ladder above is really more like a road. When Pim visited her friend in UX last December she started up the ladder / road. Some people use it everyday to go work the fields. One climb up then down was enough for Pim. Anyway.. today Pim's friend goes North. Be safe friend. Pim has her own ladder to climb here in VTE.

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