Monday, July 26, 2010

Khao Gam

(not sure if transliterated that properly...)

This is Khao Gam. The mother of one of Pim's friends gave it to her. Pim watched her carry it from the village in the mountains to the "bus" stop on her head. Rather, from a bag hanging around her forehead. These women are amazing.

Many may be surprised that Pim can cook sticky rice. (Most are even more surprised Pim worked in a Lao restaurant in her home country.) Anyway, Pim especially loves the days worthy of preparing a little of her special Khao Gam. The whole process is beautiful, the way the soaking water turns a soft purple then deeper plum. Granted, it does stain your basket a bit.. but it's beauty forgives that. You can buy Khao Gam in Vientiane. A shop near ComCenter has it. It's more expensive than Khao Nieo. Pim isn't sure if she will buy it right away once her supply is gone. There is something more beautiful in the memory of this batch of rice. Talk about knowing where your food comes from.

Pim is writing a new Business syllabus for the school she works for this afternoon. (No, it won't be done in one afternoon. It's a 40 hour class!) Pim is making it Lao specific. It's rather nice to be contributing something to education here, even if it is for a Business class. A world away from Pim's the woman who grew Pim's rice - but not really. After all, Khao Gam has to get to market somehow.

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  1. I like the way this post reads. It reads like an old friend sitting down to talk to you.


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