Friday, July 23, 2010

Whatever you do.... don't

DO NOT put your feet down.

That was probably some of the advice (for riding a motorbike) Pim has received in the past month.

It's rainy season here in Laos. That means, people like Pim, who don't live on nicely paved roads.. go as they say in the west.. "go mudding". Normally "mudding" involves sport. 4x4 equipped "mudding" vehicles. Not under powered Honda Click scooters.

Really, it takes a bit of finesse. These Lao folks are born with it. To search out every high spot. To know, wait DO NOT go thru a puddle unless you know the road well; it may be MUCH deeper than you suspect. Keep your balance. Go forward. Use your body weight, your arms, your throttle to counteract your bike's desire to slip, slide and skid .... anything but your feet.

Every morning Pim goes mudding out her road. Some compare driving on this red wet mud to driving on grease. Pim likes to compare it to maybe a chocolate cherry cake frosting. (Maybe Pim just misses cake.) Anyway, Pim leaves every morning all dressed to teach in her PaSin (Lao Skirt), school acceptable closed toes shoes (despite it being RAINY season) and back pack full of books. Every morning she wonders if this in fact will be the day the cake batter wins and she bites it and goes down into the mud. (And NO doubt this will happen in front of all the locals) :P

In the meantime, since the school has signs posted around about not washing your feet in the toilet; whatever you do.. don't put your feet down in the mud.

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  1. Like your style of writing; very poetic and visual.


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